Chronicling the books we read to our children (and perhaps the books they read themselves). Can we read 500 before they turn 12? Only time will tell.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Read to Julia, February 1, 2005

I really should include Julia's reading here too, even if they're picture books. It can take us a couple of weeks to finish a good-sized book with Jaymie. During that time Julia might hear fifty books.

Last night we read:

I am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed by Lauren Child. I really like Lauren Child's style. Little Lola will not go to bed without taking care of a bunch of imaginary animals in the way. Library book.

Sometimes I Wonder if Poodles Like Noodles, written by Laura Numeroff, illustrated by Tim Bowers. A book of fun poems. This was notable because all three children -- Jaymie, Julia, and Stanley -- sat through the entire book, which has never happened before. Stanley just listened and looked at the pictures for a good ten minutes. Julia has been liking this book. The illustrations are well executed, and the poems, while not especially memorable, have some nice moments. We bought this book at a Scholastic warehouse sale, I think.

Tilly and the Rhinoceros by Sheila White Samton. One of our favorite random library picks. One of the kids grabbed this book off the shelf at the library and we fell in love with it, to the point where we purchased our own copy (off the Internet -- it's out of print). The story of a mean rhinoceros whose heart is softened by the kind actions of a generous goose. My favorite line: "Now there is something magical about a goose and a rhinoceros singing together."
Isabella's Bed by Alison Lester. Anna and Luis discover something of their family's history on an imaginative journey on a bed from their grandmother's house. I really liked this book, perhaps because it includes a song in the middle, complete with a manuscript version of the song. Books nowadays have buttons to push or CDs to play music -- I like making it myself. Borrowed from the library.


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