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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Some books

Well, I've neglected this blog long enough. We haven't been very good about reading to the kids over the past few weeks -- lots of sickness and busyness.

Kristen started reading The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley to Jaymie, but they decided that it was "too old" for her, so they ended up reading The Cat Who Went To Heaven by Elizabeth Coatsworth instead (both are Newbery Award winners, if that means anything.). Jaymie really liked it a lot. It has cats and artists -- what's not to like?

Jaymie has been reading Dick King-Smith lately (The Mouse Butcher and Jenius, the Amazing Guinea Pig), as well as lots of Boxcar Children, and another Amber Brown book. I went to the library book fair last week and came home with a bunch of new books for her to read -- she's been plowing through them.

Julia and I have been reading whatever she pulls off the shelves at night. The last few nights she's asked for Animalogies, a book of analogies about animals written by kids, Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey, and McBroom's Zoo by Sid Fleischman. Other reads include Arthur books by Marc Brown.

Stanley has grown attached to Night House, Bright House a picture rhyming book. It's a fun book, but can be tedious to read over and over again. He also recently discovered Whose Mouse are You?. He really likes Laura Numeroff's If You Give a Mouse a Cookie as well.

Kristen scored big at the library book sale -- there were three boxes full of Christmas books, and I brought home about ten of them, including a couple on her wish list. I'll put up a list of our Christmas books later.

I think I'm going to read The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis with Jaymie next. I keep thinking that Julia's getting ready for longer books, but I haven't tried one yet. She enjoys listening to books on tape.

I tried reading A Visit to William Blake's Inn to Jaymie and Julia tonight, but Julia lost interest -- it may be too much for her. The book is a series of poems about an inn run by William Blake. There is a very loose narrative structure that runs throughout the book, but not enough to engage Julia, apparently. I may try again in a couple of weeks, since I really like the book.


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