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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Books read to Jaymie and Julia, Feb. 6, 2005

Kristen was tired tonight, so I read to both Jaymie and Julia.

Julia alone:

Pooh's Fall Harvest by Isabel Gaines, illustrated by Marderosian & Enik. This is a "First Reader" book. I tried to hide it, but she found it. Oh well. Julia's learning to read, so perhaps it's worthwhile to expose her to the kinds of books she'll start out reading. Bought at a Scholastic warehouse sale.

Animalogies: A Collection of Animal Analogies Written and illustrated by fourth-grade students of Six to Six Interdistrict Magnet school. The first page is "Squawk is to crow as squeak is to...." Turn the page to find "mouse." Colorful paper-cut illustrations. All done by kids. Julia and Jaymie like this book -- I think Julia's starting to get the idea. Bought at a Scholastic warehouse sale.

Night House, Bright House by Monica Wellington. "I Spy" type illustrations with text that invites the reader to find objects in the picture. Our favorite: "Tickle-tickle," said the pickle. The kids get tickled until they find the pickle. Julia loves this book -- we're a bit sick of it, but it's hard to turn her down. Included as a part of a Brighter Vision Learning Adventures shipment.

Read to Jaymie and Julia:

Rufferella by Vanessa Gill-Brown, illustrated by Mandy Stanley. Diamante wants to be a fairy godmother. She decides to make over her dog into a human girl, to great success, until a fancy dinner party with the Queen turns disastrous. This is an old favorite at our house. A gift from my Aunt Shauna, who has wonderful taste in children's books.

We also read a chapter of Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary and a chapter of Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne. Julia balks a bit when I offer to read these, but she seems to like them once I start reading, and seems to understand them well enough.


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