Chronicling the books we read to our children (and perhaps the books they read themselves). Can we read 500 before they turn 12? Only time will tell.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Read to Jaymie and Julia, Feb. 10, 2005

Kristen went to Enrichment meeting tonight at the church, so I read to Jaymie and Julia together.

The Silver Slippers by Elizabeth Koda-Callan. A little girl wants to become a prima ballerina, but she's far from the best dancer in her class. Her mother gives her a necklace with silver slippers hanging from it to inspire her as she works long and hard to fulfill her dream. Julia picked this one. It's a companion to Koda-Callan's The Magic Locket.

We also read "Ramona and the Apples" from Beezus and Ramona. Jaymie picked this one. Julia seemed to like it fine. Jaymie has read this book before, so she's familiar with the story.


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