Chronicling the books we read to our children (and perhaps the books they read themselves). Can we read 500 before they turn 12? Only time will tell.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Read to Julia, February 7, 2005

Not much time tonight, so a couple of quick books from off the shelf.

Walt Disney's Cinderella, a Little Golden Book. Illustrated by Ron Dias and Bill Lorencz. Just about what you would expect. Interesting that the artwork is attributed but the text is not. Who knows where this came from?

Moose in the Garden by Nancy While Carlstrom, paintings by Lisa Desimini. A short, short poem/story about a moose who comes and eats all of the cruciferous vegetables in the garden, to the dismay of the parents and the delight of the child. "Next time you visit, zucchini -- don't miss it!" the child implores. We discovered Carlstrom through her well-known Jesse Bear books, but have grown to appreciate her other works, which often have Alaskan themes (she lives (lived?) in Fairbanks) -- Kristen's family all live in the Anchorage area. Bought at a library book sale.

Kristen is continuing to read Bed-knob and Broomstick to Jaymie.


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